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Tink, Goldlink,Vince Staples,Raury, and more are Hip-Hop Royalty!!

I recently saw the XXL Freshman Class of 2015, and I was excited about the future of hip hop!Sometimes we are blinded by the nonsense that is being shoved in our face. We forget that there is so much to rap about and that the culture needs to be pushed by something authentic. I have always admired XXL Freshman List because they do a good job of trying to find the best out there. Regardless of how many top 40 hits or clicks, they do their homework for months to try and get it right. Some of the artist on there are exceptional, and some fall by the waste side. For me, this has been one of the best freshman classes of all time! I hope they can prove me right!

I had a lot of favorites on the list this year, from Chicago rapper Tink, the refreshing, creative sounds of Goldlink, and the effortless flow of Vince Staples! But, my favorite from this class is the visionary Raury. Raury is a singer, songwriter, producer from Atlanta. He is what hip hop culture is about! His free spirit, loving ways are what hip hop was built on. Great lyrics, right beats, having fun, and love!

Raury¬†recently sat down with Sway and gave an inspiring interview that could resonate in all. He talks about the poison that is being marketed to us, he speaks about the lack of love for one another and he speaks courageously on why he makes music, and what he wants to accomplish! This 30-minute interview is worth your time…Enjoy! I’ve¬†also put links to some of the other exciting class members music below!!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the XXL Freshman Class of 2015



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