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The New Anderson Silva!!

Anderson is a beast and is one of the best UFC fighters of all time. He might have to step aside, there is a new sheriff in town and he goes by the name Chris Weidman. The 30-year-old from Anderson-Silva-Chris-Weidman-KO-2New York post a 13-0 record with six wins by a knockout! The guy can fight, and clearly Anderson Silva didn’t see that and underestimated his opponent. You can watch the match below, or skip to 10:20 to see the Champ go down



His standup trainer, Ray Longo, later stated that Silva’s taunting was very well expected and Weidman had several scenarios of dealing with it: “Once he (Anderson Silva – Double started leaning and doing that stuff, we were going to attack the body or if you felt that he was drawing you in too much, we were just going to take a step back, walk away for two seconds and then refocus and start trying to go forward, pressure again and suffocate him”.

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