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Soft Ninja Sundays: Episode 1!

Here we are for our first foray into Soft Ninja Sundays, where you’ll find the best, worst, and funniest moments in the world of the Light Skinned Ninja! And who better to start off with than the most self-destructive light-skinned brotha on the planet, Chris Brown. C. Breezy was back at it fighting in another nightclub earlier this week, this time being arrested and spending 36 hours in a Washington D.C. jail. This time, however, the R&B star promptly admitted himself into a rehabilitation center to take control of his Anger Management problems. I’m gonna have to give C. Breezy Smooth Ninja points on this one because only a light skinned nigga can get away with beating up multiple people (while on probation from a previous offense) and most likely get away with it by checking himself into Emotional Rehab!! Very clever, Chris, verrrryyy clever! #lightskinswag #smoothassninja #imsoangrythatineedprofessionalhelp

chris brown anger management

Oh how far he’s fallen since his sweet days chasing teens at the mall:

In other news, here’s Drake doing his best Kanye West impersonation on Halloween (self-proclaimed #LightSkinYeezus). Nuff Said

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.16.21 PM

One final thought to leave you guys with before the week starts:

Drake the type


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