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Sam ‘Apitong’ Zabala does very creative cover of Britney Spears, “oops I did it again”

Sam Zabala has an awesome talent, she does really good impressions! On her tumblr website, she recorded herself singing Britney Spears’ song, but using familiar cartoon and tv characters! CLICK Here to go to her tumblr, and listen!tumblr_inline_mg571guyyS1r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg570tpbYL1r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg573n7g7r1r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg570hi5Gt1r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg56yq4W441r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg56yflEq71r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg56y65Rec1r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg58b846Y61r6r6qo tumblr_inline_mg56u3xtdj1r6r6qo



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