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Proof that Kanye West is Straight Chi-Town!


In an industry where ‘Street Cred’ gives credibility to one’s music, any act of violence and/or ability to fight grants you a certain level of respect amongst consumers. Now, Kanye West certainly didn’t need any help cementing himself at the top of the Hip Hop hierarchy; his music over the past decade has done that already. But just in case anyone doubted what kinda ni$$a he really was, he decided to go ahead and put two reporters down for nap time in this original World Star Hip Hop-esque cell phone video from the streets outside a club in Austin, Texas. Granted, he does sucker punch one of the reporters, but in a street fight, it’s all about who’s left standing, and for a 1 vs. 2 situation, you gotta give him props, no? What do y’all think? Is the video really of Kanye?  If so, is Kanye just being a bully against two soft, vanilla-faced reporters or is he defending himself on the streets? Did his street cred just rise? All I can say is: “GET STUCK IN!!”



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