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Pretty girls….and guys wear 20 Pearls??

“Pretty girls wear 20 pearls.” If you are familiar with black college life or you, yourself are a Greek then automatically what comes to mind is Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.  And if you’re not then you just don’t know!! But by the end of this article you will.  Before I delve into the story at hand, let me first give you some historical background on the first nationally incorporated African-American all FEMALE sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc.


Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) was the first African-American sorority founded on the Howard University Campus in 1908.  It was originally founded by a group of college women who not unlike other sorority/fraternity founders were seeking to fellowship with other like-minded individuals.  AKA prides itself in community service and scholastic achievement in addition to being at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement and other social political events of the time.  For over 100 years now (although it was originally founded as a sisterhood for black women by black women) it has become a new sisterhood that transcends race and ethnicity worldwide.  But can it transcend sex as well?? Or better yet should it have to??

Once again while trolling the social media world I came across a very interesting story, albeit a two-year old story.  I found it very relative given our nation’s recent discussion on transgendered and homosexual rights.  A group of black homosexual men threatened to file a discrimination lawsuit against AKA Inc. on the grounds of discrimination and homophobia.  The group of men had interest in joining the illustrious sorority but had been barred from becoming members.  Now although I, myself, am not a member of the sorority or of any Greek Organization for that matter I understand why these women would not want MEN in their organization.  It has nothing to do with the men’s sexual preference but rather everything to do with their SEX!! They are MEN point-blank period!! MEN cannot be sisters therefore cannot be in a sisterhood…simple as that.  Now I know you’re thinking, “Skyy how can you say that? What about equality? isnt’ it wrong for these men to be denied access to an organization because they’re men….would you say the same thing if it were women?”  And honestly, yes, yes I would.  Because there are just some things that should be kept sacred and separate.  You wouldn’t expect women to play on an all male football, basketball or hockey team so why would you expect men to be in a female organization?? Especially when there are plenty of male fraternities to join.  Kappa Alpha Psi Inc, Alpha Phi Alpha Inc (the brother organization of AKA Inc), Omega Psi Phi Inc, Phi Beta Sigma Inc, and last but not least Iota Sigma Theta Inc–see I named them all there are plenty of options for them to choose from to where they don’t need to join a female organization,  a SISTERHOOD!!miaka-16x9.jpg?w=560

Let me make this clear, it would be a completely different story if they were women and barred because they were lesbian.  Or these men were barred from either of the aforementioned FRATERNITIES because of their sexual orientation or if the men self-identified as “transgendered women”–born male but take on the gender role of a woman–then I would be all for the discrimination suit.  But they’re not!! They’re men who want to join a women’s only sorority.  That’s like a man (not a transgendered man) who wants to use the woman’s restroom. Or a boy (not transgendered) who wants to join the Girl Scouts.  The fact that they are homosexual doesn’t change their sex or their gender it simply means they like men.  So why should the fact that they like men give them access to be in a group made for women? I’m all for equality and rights for all but sometimes something has to give.  They could easily–which they have done–created their own organization inspired by AKA–something that the black female founders of AKA did when denied access to an all white female greek organization.  That action alone created a whole subdivision of Greek organizations, “The Divine 9″  which consists of 9 Black Greek Letter Organizations.


So instead of being a part of someone else’s history why not take their own subdivision organization, MIAKA (Men interested in joining AKA) and be at the forefront of a new Homosexual Greek Letter Organization.  Establish their own principles and traditions with a new name instead of hijacking someone else’s.  Those calls, colors, handshakes, hand gestures, stances and songs ARE ALL SACRED!!  Those women literally gave their blood, sweat and tears to be able to don those letters: A-K-A across their chest, hold their pinky up and shout out “Skee-Wee” (not sure if I can even type “skee-wee” with me not being a member…that’s how sacred the sisterhood is).    So to the men of MIAKA (and other fellow men interested in sororities) I say this, establish your own and make history, become legends!!! Or if you don’t want to do that join the fraternities–there are plenty of homosexual men–whether closeted or open in the fraternal organizations. But leave the women orgs to the women.

Men pledging sororities...


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