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New Dashcam Video Of Sandra Bland Is SHOCKING!

I just came across the newly released video of the arrest of Sandra Bland, the women who police say hung herself in her jail cell after being arrested after a routine traffic stop that seemed to escalate quickly. It seems as though the officer could have done a better job to not heighten the tension in the situation, as I’m sure most people who get pulled over aren’t exactly in the best of moods. What do you think? Did the officer go too far? Does it seem a bit weird that with everything Sandra says about going to court that she was found dead from self inflicted wounds?

Share this video with people you know and let us know your thoughts with your vote below.

  • Did the officer go to far?


Vote 1 star if you felt the officer did everything right and by the book. And 5 stars if you feel the officer needs to be fired for how he handled this stop.

User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)


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