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Never thought a white person could explain this so well…Until know

This is amazingly powerful. I’ve had this similar discussion with a large number of individuals, and though we can discuss the issue, it’s very hard to make the point I’m trying to make hit home. It’s not a matter of gaining sympathy, as it is a matter of acknowledgement. Acknowledging that though however unfair, the skin tone of an individual DOES play a role in personal life experiences. And in the case of people of color, there is no “escape” for which they are born into. This is the real disconnect I feel people of non color have when it comes to these issues. Rather than speak more, just watch the video.

An excerpt transcript from a very powerful portion of the video, beginning at 3:19:

Elliot: “No. You don’t come back in here until you’ve apologized to every person in this room because you just exercised a freedom that none of these people of color have. When these people of color get tired of racism, they can’t just walk out because there’s no place in this country where they aren’t going to be exposed to racism. They can’t even stay in their own homes and not be exposed to racism if they turn on their television. But you, as a white female, when you get tired of being judged and treated unfairly on the basis of your eye color, you can walk out that door, and you know it won’t happen out there. You exercised a freedom they don’t have. If you’re going to be in here, you’re going to apologize to every black person in this room. And do it now … and every person of color.”

Student: “I’m sorry there’s racism in this country…”

Elliot: “Bullshit! No, you’re not going to say ‘I’m sorry there’s racism.’ You’re going to apologize for what you just did.”

Student: “I will not apologize because it’s not a matter of race always…”

Elliot: “Out.”



Never thought a white person could explain this so well…Until know


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