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Makes you think…



Dear Charles,

I saw men like you in my neighborhood when I was growing up. They hung out at the 7-Eleven in Glenarden, MD from time to time. I passed them on the way to and from school or when heading to the rec center on the other side of George Palmer Highway.

Me and my friends would sometimes point and laugh or just giggle to ourselves. “Look at his hair and his teeth. Gross!” Some said these dudes were cool to chill with and grab a bite to eat, but I only saw the exterior.

And I judged them. I may have even crossed to the other side of the street when they walked by in their jeans and white tees. I didn’t realize that decades later you would be my hero.

I was at dinner last night and saw a Breaking News email. THREE GIRLS MISSING FOR 10 YEARS FOUND ALIVE. “Wow. That’s amazing,” I thought as I continued with my meal and conversation.

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