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Kendrick Lamar is on top of the rap game…can anyone dethrone him? #kingofNY #dissverse #goldeneraofrap

Kendrick Lamar is bringing rap back to a golden area. Comparable to the 90’s, the sport of rap is live, and doing well. With the help of other talented rappers, we are hearing music that will be deemed classics. The rappers that help movement are J. Cole, Drake, Big Sean, Wale, etc. The top tier rappers are giving us meaningful music,that is effecting a generation. I think the big buzz with Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse was very unnecessary. I think the verse can stand on its own, without the media grabbing ahold of it. The message of the verse is simple, rappers better not get complacent while Kendrick is around, If they’re, well Kendrick is going to take your ” core fans” and you’ll never reach the heights he believes he will achieve. Rappers better continue to put out good music if you don’t want to fall by the waste side. I find this interview with Kendrick, and other talented MCs to be awesome to because of the honesty in the answers, and the tough question asked by the Breakfast Club!


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