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Childish Gambino is a dope rapper, calls himself Kanye’s son, but doesn’t consider himself a rapper?!

If Kanye West did have a son, I feel like he would be something like Childish Gambino. Who is Childish Gambino you ask? Childish Gambino is a screen writer,comedian, actor, and rapper (even though he says he isn’t). Popularly Known for his role as Troy Barnes, on the NBC sitcom Community, Donald Glover is trying to grow his brand in a unconventinal way. A unique sound, with good flow, and lyrics that can compete with the top dogs, Childish Gambino is a rapper, or an artist you should start following on all platforms. He is a very intelligent guy who has a lot to say, and I’m excited to see what he has in store. If you don’t like Kanye’s antics of late, you will defintely like the intelligence of Donald Glover.


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