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British Singer-Songwriter Daley is the real deal!! #alonetogether #rememberme #daleymusic


When I browse Spotify for music, I always look at what my friends are listening too, praying I find something I enjoy.I have an eclectic group of friends, and their taste in music is wide ranged. It sometimes takes me hours before I find something I like, so to avoid this , I have a few go to friends that always listen to dope music! The particular friend I’m talking about this time is from England, so he finds British artist comparable to all my favorites in America! A few weeks ago, I saw he listened to the same song 30 times in a row(yes it was 30!), so I decided to see what was so good about this song he played obsessively. Initially, I gave the song a few listens to see if it is something that I would put on my”Dope Boy Fresh” playlist. No shock that my buddy found another unbelievable artist that i’ll rock to for a while.

Gareth Daley, Known as Daley, is a British Singer-Songwriter who will be a superstar enough! I’ve only had the opportunity to listen to his 6 track LP titled, “Alone Together”, but I’m thoroughly impressed ! He has a unique look(did not expect him to look like that), a angelic falsetto, and a voice that grabs you attention right off the back, Daley is the real deal!

The first track , on the LP, entitled “Alone Together” has a very basic beat that is synonymous with songs made in the 90’s. I could definitely hear Boyz to Men, Usher, or Genuine singing this song!


The song my buddy listened to 30 times,track 4, “Remember me” featuring Jessi J, is a hit.The song has a little pop feel to it, but has two great singers who complement each other greatly . Daley makes feel good music that will be on your playlist soon enough!

Daley gives you a good idea of what kind of artist he wants to be, and has not shied away from his identity. The guy is soulful, and wants to put out great music people can vibe too. I’m impressed with the production of the LP, and the effortless transition from track to track. if he continues to put out great music, he has a promising future, I’m excited! He reminds me of a British Miguel!


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