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Bionic Technology Advancement

When we were young and naive, we believed full heartedly that the motorola razor cell phone was the best cell phone ever, or how we never thought anything could get better than Mario Kart on Super Nintendo! Oh how we were wrong, technology has gotten to a point today where some of the advancements on products is truly remarkable, and makes you very excited for what is possible in the future. We are seeing different cures for disease, advancement of transportation, and numerous ways to efficiently use the planets resources. One particular  area of technology that has really impressed me recently, is prosthetics. Prosthetics seem to be making massive strides  in making these artificial limbs work just like normal body parts.

Cutting-edge technology is helping the blind to see, letting paralyzed people walk and enabling people to control robotic limbs with their thoughts. Welcome to the bionic age. Click here to continue to see more about the specific advancements with prosthetics 

bionic body

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Technology is awesome, and is something that will continuously get better, as long as we have those special people out there wanting to see the world of technology prosper.




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